Venturespeak 103: Technical Diligence

Marketing PerspectiveEngineer’s Words
Major breakthroughIt didn’t blow up
The result of years of intensive researchDiscovered by accident
Project behind schedule due to unforeseen problemsDidn’t feel like working on it
The design will be finalized in the next reporting periodWe hope to get started on the project next week
The test results are extremely gratifyingWe don’t have a clue as to why it worked
A fresh approach is being taken to the problemWe hired a new guy
The entire concept will have to be abandonedThe only guy that understood the whole thing just quit
Preliminary results are inconclusiveIt blew up
Modifications are underway to correct certain problemsIt blew up again
Under considerationNever heard of it
Under active considerationLooking in the files for it
Expect action to be taken immediatelyDon’t call me, I’ll call you
(Source: Unknown — Please reach out if you know so I can properly credit it)