Venturespeak 101: Pitches and Diligence

VenturespeakEnglish Translation
A bit optimisticCompletely unrealistic
Acquisition strategyThe current products have no market
At times controversialUniversally despised
Basically on planRevenue shortfall of 25%
Bio-tech business modelHave yet to identify a way to make money
Board offers multiple perspectivesBoard can’t even agree on where the bathroom is
Chemistry may not be rightWe don’t like you
Complete confidence in the CEOChecking with attorneys prior to terminating
Consensus orientedHopelessly indecisive
Considerably ahead of planBeat numbers in one of the last few months
Core businessObsolete products
Currently revising the budgetFinancial plan is in a state of total disarray
Cyclical industryJust posted a huge loss
Difference in operating philosophiesHate each other’s guts
Entrepreneurial CEOTotally uncontrollable, bordering on maniacal
Good news and bad newsMostly bad news
Great co-investorCan get tickets to most sporting events
Highly leveragable networkPlays a lot of golf
Independent thinkerComplete crackpot
Ingredients are thereHave yet to find a coherent strategy
Interesting financial playAn operating disaster
Investing heavily in R & DHave fallen far behind the competition
Leading edge technologyNo customers in sight, synonymous with “pushing the engineering envelope”
Learning experienceSheer hell
Left to pursue other opportunitiesSummarily fired
Limited downsideIt can’t get much worse
Long selling cycleCustomers don’t like the product
Major opportunity to restructure the capitalizationWe’re desperate
Niche strategyHardly anyone likes the product
On a manufacturing learning curveCan’t make the product with positive gross margins
Opportunistic investing strategyAll over the map
Passive investorPhones yearly to see if company is still in business
Plan has gone through several iterationsManagement team in state of total confusion
Possibility of slight shortfallA revenue shortfall of at least 50%
References raised a couple of issuesComplete loser
Recently became an independent consultantRecently was fired, synonymous with “Left to pursue other opportunities”
Repositioning the businessHave just written off multi-million dollar investment
Selective investment strategySpends lots of time on yachts
Solid citizenNo redeeming characteristics
Somewhat autocraticTotalitarian dictator
Somewhat below planRevenue shortfall of at least 75%
Strategic investorSomeone who will pay a high price
Thanks for your inputI’m going to completely ignore your advice
Think more tactically than strategicallyNot very smart
Too early to tellResults to date have been dismal
Turn-around opportunityPretty much a lost cause
UniqueNo more than six competitors
Upgrading the management teamIn the process of cleaning house
Value-added investorGenerally comes to board meetings, but spends most of the time on “emergency” phone calls
Volume sensitiveMassive fixed costs
Well below planComplete, unmitigated disaster, synonymous with “ran into a slight hiccup”
Window of opportunityAbout to be blown away by the competition
Works closely with managementMonthly telephone call
(Source: Unknown — Please reach out if you know so I can properly credit it)